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Ways to Start Preparing for Tax Season

  • Collect all W2's and 1099's. Many of these forms will not be mailed out until the end of January but make sure you collect a W2 or 1099 for every job you had in 2021. This includes the Unemployment 1099G form

  • New Dependent Documentation. If you had a new baby in 2021, Congrats!! We will need the baby's Birth Certificate and Social Security number

  • Advanced Child Tax Credit Payments. Be on the look out for a letter from the IRS letting you know how much you've received for the advance child tax payment. Verify the amounts by checking your bank account statements to make sure you didn't miss any payments

  • 3rd Stimulus Payment. If you didn't receive your third stimulus payment, you may receive the credit when you file your 2021 tax return

  • Sell Your Losing Stocks Selling your stocks that are a loss will help reduce your tax liability. They must be sold before Dec. 31st.

  • Upload Your Documents to your Client Portal Securely upload your documents directly to us and access them 24/7. Click the link below

  • Let Us Know if You Have Any Questions Visit our Website or give us a call 626-967-5512. We're here to help


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